Our Speak & Share ‘People Before Employees’ program has been carefully designed with input from mental health professionals to elevate your workplace productivity by increasing meaningful connections and normalising the conversations around mental health in a safe, judgement free and inclusive environment to promote happy and healthy employees.

Our aim is to help build a culture of care where employees feel empowered to talk openly about their mental health.

Program Flyer

“I want to extend heartfelt gratitude to the incredible team at Speak and Share, for the transformative workplace program, "People Before Employees," which they delivered to us at The Sports Injury Clinic earlier this year. The impact of this program was nothing short of powerful, leaving an indelible mark on our team. Through insightful sessions and engaging activities, the program facilitated a profound shift in our understanding of our colleagues. It emphasised the importance of recognising the human behind the job title, fostering empathy, and strengthening our unity as a team. We now have a deeper appreciation for each other's unique perspectives, experiences, and contributions. This program has not only enhanced our workplace dynamics but also brought a renewed sense of camaraderie and collaboration. Thank you, Speak & Share, for helping us further implement a more compassionate and connected work environment. We're truly grateful for your invaluable work."

The Sports Injury Clinic

“We were lucky enough to have the team from Speak & Share come in to run an interactive program for our staff, along with some key community and commercial partners. The session was super engaging and disarming the experience was not only extremely valuable for our staff members, but it was a great tool to further solidify our relationships and connection with key partners. Highly recommend for any businesses who haven’t quite know how to start the mental health conversations in a proactive way.

Youth Team Engagement Leader
Brotherhood of St. Laurence

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Please note, we do not provide one-on-one counselling or therapy.