The Speak & Share ‘People Before Students’ program has been carefully designed with input from mental health professionals to elevate your schooling culture and productivity by increasing meaningful connection and normalising the conversations around mental health in a safe, judgement free and inclusive environment to promote happy and healthy students.

Our aim is to build healthier and happier school communities that no longer shy away from mental health conversations.

Years 7 - 12

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The Speak & Share team's impactful message goes beyond authenticity; it actively promotes the embrace of individual voices, fostering the courage to share authentically with peers and friends. This approach dismantles the barriers of posturing and pretending, fulfilling the craving that young people have for genuine connections. This dynamic team plays a vital role in bridging a crucial gap in our world. If you haven't had the chance to experience their message, you're undeniably missing out on something truly exceptional.

Director of Wellbeing
Padua College

Hey guys, you went and spoke at my brother's school yesterday. He called me after school to tell me how much he appreciates and loves me and said that everyone was encouraged to contact someone who's support they appreciate. Just wanted to share it with you as it made me feel so loved for him to tell me that. I can see the good you are doing for the community's mental health, especially the youth and just wanted to say thank you thank you you're creating real change and it's so nice to watch it happening.

Sibling of a Participant

Thanks heaps for your efforts this week with the Speak & Share presentations. All feedback coming to me from students, staff, and parents has been super positive and reflects the amazing work you are doing in the mental health space. We have also had a couple of parents contact us to say that their students had glowing references for you guys when they got home from school. I look forward to seeing all that you can achieve with Speak & Share because I can only see it getting bigger and better!

School Teacher

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Please note, we do not provide one-on-one counselling or therapy.